About US

Stay-Safe Mini-Mart was born out of an insatiable need to solve problems and conduct business with the highest level of customer service.

Our Owner Jones got the first taste of management when working for a major car dealership now known as Drive Time. While working as the manager of a payment center for one of the companies biggest and busiest car lot centers, Jones opened and closed the center, managed employees, settled customer service disputes, conducted bookkeeping, prepared large sums of money for pick up by the armored vehicle and dropped off money the bank to be deposited into the company bank account.



Jones’s first solo business venture started with the creation of a successful e-commerce business through eBay in 2002. In that business Jones sold brand-named clothing and accessories for men, women and children across the world, achieving PowerSeller status and winning several awards in only three months’ time.

In 2005, another e-commerce business was created selling iPhones to re-sellers who purchased the phones at rock-bottom prices to repair and resell to their own customers. That business was wildly successful and lasted for two years only because Jones desired a business venture that yielded a higher return to reach the same earnings. That’s when Jones entered the mortgage industry.

Having never been in the mortgage industry, Jones thoroughly enjoyed the process of providing the best experience possible to people in search of securing one of the most basic needs of all humanity: shelter. After just the first three months of selling, Jones’s commission check was larger than some people make in an entire year. 

Fast-forward to today, Jones has observed and met the need to assist the community in securing one of the most basic needs of all of humanity, sustenance. Every human has the right to obtain nutrition without the hassle of the new rules of shopping and Covid-19 fears we all face today. We live in unprecedented times, stressful times, fearful times, confusing times to say the least. One way Stay-Safe Mini-Mart can make life better for the average citizen, the elderly, the disabled, the busy family, and the cautious is by eliminating exposure while shopping and allow you to enjoy grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home. Give Stay-Safe Mini-Mart the honor of shopping for you and delivering your grocery/home items directly to your door, hassle free. We only provide quality products. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.